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Knowing is powerful. You want to know how much you're worth! Old investments could be worth more than you think. A clear report on the value of your more complicated investments is yours today. Our reports help your long term planning and have helped deliver $250,000 in perviously discounted wealth to our clients.

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From tablet to phone to desktop, our reports can be at your disposal! The highest quality at all times.

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Just a few minutes to enter basic investment information and you're on your way to knowing the value of your investments.


Want to share report information with financial advisor and/or family, it's a cinch!

Light Design

Clear and well designed reports that help decipher what really matters to your investments.

Great Support

We're here 24/7 to help! Check our FAQ for help, if that doesn't help we're here.


SCE reports are valuable for hundreds of reasons. From long term planning to just knowing how much your old stocks are worth!

take a quick look at some great features !

what can you expect from the best report in the business

  • Corporate history of acquisitions, mergers and partnerships
  • List of name changes and stock ticker adjustments
  • List of stock splits with the dates and the effect on your investments
  • Super fast turnaround on reports
  • Amazing professional quality reports
  • Investment Value...down to the dollar!
  • Retrieval instructions. The best way to get the value of your investments liquified.

some frequently asked questions for you

How do I know if I should get my certificates researched?

If you have old certificates chances are you don't know exactly what they are worth. Same goes for stocks with company names that are totally different now than they were a few years ago, or companies that have gone through stock splits and major restructurings. Even if you don't fit those criteria and you want to know the exact value of a stock certificate, we can do that for you!

How long will I be waiting for a report?

Our algorithm takes about 48 hours to do it's work then we make sure to comb over the results with our own eyes. That means you can expect your report in 1-2 weeks but it will be perfect!

Will I have super valuable stocks?

Who knows! Most of the certificates we research aren't fortunes (although we wish they were), but some are! We've returned just over $250,000 in value to our clients which is pretty great!

Didn’t find the answer ?

We'd love to hear from you and take you through how we'll help you find the value of your old stock certificates. Send us a note!

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